fullLazarus Barnhill is the author of The Medicine People and Lacey took a Holiday, available from Second Wind Publishing. Barnhill is a native of Oklahoma who has lived all over the south. He holds three degrees, including a Doctorate in Spiritual Development. He has been obsessed with writing since he was a boy. A father of three and grandfather of two, he resides in North Carolina with his wife of 33 years and an irritating cat, Jessie, who is for sale cheap.

Barnhill’s Books:

n1526866242_30175998_5008 After 25 years as a fugitive, triple murdersuspect Ben Whitekiller returns to his small eastern Oklahoma hometown. Why has he come back? Why are those who sought him so disturbed at his return? What secrets will Dan Hook, the young officer who tells the story, find out about Ben, and himself?

Lazarus Barnhill writes with such a dramatic edge with ample comedy relief that the reader is compelled to just keep reading. Reading his work is effortless. The Medicine People is a definite page turner. Barnhill is a brilliant writer! –Demetriace Moore, Rhythm of the Streets.

Click here to read the first chapter of The Medicine People.
Click here to buy The Medicine People 

n1526866242_30176021_3291A desperate act of love creates a cascade of changes. Lacey, the most unlikely heroine, has been betrayed and abused by the men in her life.

Andy has lost everyone he ever loved tragically.

This 1920’s  mountaintop romance breaks every rule.

Interesting, quirky story that really held my attention and left me curious about what’s going to happen. —Terry Shaw, The Way Life Should Be.

This feels like a mainstream novel with romantic elements, rather than a straight romance. Thanks for a refreshing read. — Starr Ambrose, Lie to Me.

Click here to read the first chapter of Lacey Took a Holiday.
Click here to buy Lacey Took a Holiday

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